A Woman’s Journey to War and Back

Discussion Session 5 — A Woman’s Journey to War and Back
Saturday, April 7, 10:00am – 1:00pm Belk Library 421

  • American Daughter Gone to War, Winnie Smith
  • Another Vietnam, photographer Tim Page (on reserve in the Library)
  • The Other Side of War, dir. Fred Milano

Discuss American Daughter Gone to War. How does Smith negotiate the terrain of military bases ill-equipped for female service members? What different dangers and stressors does she face as opposed to her male counterparts?  How do Smith’s definitions of family change once she is deployed to Vietnam?  How do Smith’s ideas of moral superiority and patriotism shift over time, both while she is in Vietnam and once she returns stateside?

As you review both iconic images of the Vietnam War, as well as those of Another Vietnam,  think about the visual narratives of all sides of the war and the creation of narrative via framing, perspective, and viewpoint.